Menus & Memories from Punjab (Hippocrene Cookbooks)

Menus & Memories from Punjab (Hippocrene Cookbooks)

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Publisher : Hippocrene Books
ISBN : 0781812208
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Apr, 27 2018

Product Description

Arranged in a unique menu format, this cookbook takes the reader on a nostalgic culinary journey through Punjab. It features signature village recipes like Buttermilk Stew with Vegetable Pakoras and the famous Saag and Mukke Di Roti (Stewed Mixed Greens with Corn Flatbread), as well as recipes from a Maharajah's table such as a stunning Roast Leg of Lamb and Royal Bread Pudding. A colorful historical vignette or family anecdote introduces each menu, bringing the culture and cuisine of Punjab alive for readers.