The Best Eddie Hall

The Best Eddie Hall's Strength & Mass Formula Gym Diary: Amazing Formula for Strength & Mass Gains, Built into an Easy to use Gym Diary. Book Format, Perfect Bound, Square 21cm x 21cm.

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ISBN : 198140161X
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Apr, 25 2018

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If you want to get bigger, better and stronger, you need a plan! It’s not just raw power that earned me the title of World’s Strongest Man. It’s planning, positive thinking, focus and training your mind for the next task ahead. Your mind set and organisation is just as important as “throwing those weights around”. You need to be organised and motivated to Lift More than you did last time! If you want gains, you need to continuously up your game plan and train harder than last time. Use my Gym Diary, record your results… And continuously beat them! Muscles are not calculators and they don’t “burst into growth” because you lifted a weight for 8 to 10 Repetitions. Following a routine and stopping at a repetition because it said so on paper is not going to produce you fast gains! Forcing your muscles to do more - each and every time you hit the gym is the only way to ensure your muscles are working harder than before, thus stimulating growth! There is a plateau to how much a muscle can lift - But you have to get there! This routine will help you get a lot closer! More reps, more weight! This routine ensures you do more every time! And the more you do, the more you stimulate your muscles to grow!