Field Essays Issue One: Jonathan Muecke & Bas Princen

Field Essays Issue One: Jonathan Muecke & Bas Princen

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Publisher : Ram Publications
ISBN : 9078454970
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Apr, 25 2018

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A new series from designer Sophie Krier looking at processes emerging on the frontiers of design. Every 'field essay' is a renewed attempt to
formulate a visual grammar for design research. In this issue, the work
of American furniture designer Jonathan Muecke is juxtaposed with the architectural photography of Dutchman Bas Princen. The Cranbrook educated
Muecke creates boldly imaginative artifacts such as his series
of carbon fiber chairs that probe the realms of our perception and make
us more aware of its mechanisms. Princen, on the other hand, frames built
and un-built landscapes where typologies blur between office park and
science fiction monolith, for example to dramatic effect. Both create
visual propositions that make room