Haunted (The Koto Chronicles, #2)

Haunted (The Koto Chronicles, #2)

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Release Date : Jul, 09 2014

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Apr, 25 2018

Product Description

Skye moved to New Jersey to explore the world outside of Alaska and to find her mate. Her dreams are put on hold, though, when everything in her new life changes and she’s forced to figure out who killed one of her best friends. She knows that she must search even harder when another one of her friends is pushed off a balcony and rumors that she’s the one who pushed her start to spread.
Meanwhile, she finds herself becoming acquainted with Milo, the cute guy who seems interested in her. The only problem? He’s a human and Skye’s new Alpha has made it very clear that she’s not allowed to date any humans. Is a shot at love worth putting both their lives on the line?